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Earlier this year, I worked with Rebecca Bradley at MICA in Baltimore on the Maps project for her illustration class.
Each of the students produced fantastic and original maps and I was totally blown away by the standard of the work.

Here's a selection of my favourites...

Icons of the American Outdoors by Mitchell Goodrich

Mitchell created this amazing map of the American outdoors. Being a bit partial to outdoor living myself, I was instantly attracted to the theme and drawing style of this map.

"It is not in the "Great American Outdoors," as a geographical location, that I find a sense of belonging; rather it is in the image of this imagined landscape. My comfort dwells in nostalgic associations, such as hot-dogs and hamburgers cooking atop a grill, as symbols of family vacation. This image is an attempt tocompile several vibrant icons representative of the American materialization of the outdoors. Exclusive of the real-life annoyances of actually inhabiting the "natural world" is the comfortingimage of the idealized American landscape."

Where I Belong in 10 Years by Jilly Yoffe

Jilly's map is one which imagines her future country retreat, complete with letterpress studio out the back!

"This map is the mental plan I have for my future home. Thinking of this place always makes me feel at peace. This imagined home is on a small farm with plenty of space for my dog to run, and in a house that has plenty of room for my favorite material things (books, records, art supplies). This place will be my sanctuary."

Sailing the Open Ocean on a Piece of Driftwood by Danie Drankwalter

I really liked Danie's map of a raft, which contains everything she needs to sail the world...

"Sailing the Open Ocean on a Piece of Driftwood. How great would that be? No obligations, just a fishing pole and a tent. I don’t even eat fish! My suitcase would be a large infinite magical suitcase in which Everything I Need would be among its contents, regardless of if I packed it. I could visit my friends all over and make new ones along the way! The garden would do wonderfully most of the year on the sunny seas, though upon entering colder climates a hoop-house can be erected. The watchtower is both for looking out for pirates (or friends) as well as reading in the sun."

Bel Air, Maryland Map by Kristin Nohe

Kristin's maps her hometown according to the places she's at the most...

"This is a map of my hometown, Bel Air, Maryland. I don't know that I belong here forever, but so far that is where I have spent the majority of my life and obviously have the most meaning to me. I haven't included everything in my town, but only the places that I frequent or have special meaning to me, and the roads that I take regularly. Important places on my map include my house, my boyfriend's house, Spenceola Antiques(my former place of work), and the parks that I frequent."

Map of a small section of the Internet by Aimee Fleck

Aimee has mapped the unmappable...

"My map is of part of the internet-- a "place" I spend a lot of time. I think everyone sees it somewhat differently-- I often picture it as a library, partially because of the overwhelming amount of knowledge and media you can find there, but also because I find libraries comfortable. It's a small section of the internet because I think that no matter how long you spend there, everyone kind of sees only their own corner of it: thus, a small section of the large "series of tubes" that some say make up the internet."

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