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Duluth MINN by Peter Locke

The excellent Peter Locke has an impressive illustration portfolio filled with beautifully composed portraits and wonderful mark making. Here, Peter creates a map inspired by the Minnesota town of Duluth...

"Duluth has become the destination of an imagined personal pilgrimage. It is a place that just seems to keep popping up in my life. I think I first heard reference to it on Nirvana's version of 'Lake of Fire'. A song that, as a teenager, I would proudly (badly) bash out on my guitar. Wailing along to the tape till my parents had simply had enough. I later discovered Duluth to be Bob Dylan's birth place. There alone is reason enough for a pilgrimage. I now carry my pencils and books in a finely crafted 'Duluth Pack' and have completely composed, in my head, the photographs I would take of the magnificent Aerial Lift Bridge. My interest has become an active pass time. Whilst waiting for the next link to expose itself I play detective. Seeking out small references in Dylan songs or discovering new things to become interested in trawling the LIFE magazine photo archives. This map is an attempt to plot some visual clues and points of interest for my pilgrimage and to serve as inspiration, pinned to the wall above my desk, whilst I toil away drawing, day dreaming and humming "Where do bad folks go when they die…"

Nice one Pete! Now go check out the awesome cycling prints on his website!