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Berwyn Books Postcard by Anna Simmons

Knowing where you belong is not always an easy decision, and for some it can mean more than one place. Our sense of where we belong can change over time, as is the case of the talented map maker, Anna Simmons. 
Anna's previous map for this project plotted a train journey; a route that linked two locations. This new map, Berwyn Books Postcard, began as a commissioned work, but soon became a true reflection of where she really calls home.

"[The map] was commissioned by a chap I met in the pub who is an Antiquarian bookseller and entrepreneur (I suppose you might call him). It has a local-literary theme and stars author's George Borrow and Dorothy Hartley as well as the famous Ladies of Llangollen!"

Thanks Anna! For those unfamiliar with Anna's beautiful cartography, click, bookmark and commission here: