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Up North by Annarack

Annarack (aka Anna) sent over her beautifully drawn historic map of Northumberland. Her map touches on the idea that whilst a place may always be there, it's name may not...

'My map depicts a much older image of Northumberland before Tyne and Wear existed in the North East of England. Northumberland was once completely joined to the Durham region according to the 125 year old atlas I was studying from. I live in Newcastle which is in Tyne and Wear but I prefer much older maps of the area. I collect antique maps and this illustration expresses my interest in the old and sometimes forgotten. The arrow pointing in the direction of Westmorland does not exist as a region anymore and Cumberland is now known as Cumbria. I always find it fascinating how our small island the UK has changed over the centuries and I'm sure in the future change will happen again and again.

(There are no spelling mistakes on my map, the map I used is from 1887 and the spellings of some of the places were different back then)'

Thanks Anna! Visit Annarack's blog at