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All Roads Lead to the Slaughter House by Billie Jean

The fantastic illustrator that is Billie Jean has sent over his map, All Roads Lead to the Slaughter House...

"I find it incredibly depressing to see the proliferation of chicken shops on my High Street. Even the building that was once the birthplace of local hero Alfred Hitchcock, is now a 'Chicks' chicken and pizza shop. They missed a trick by not calling it 'The Birds'.
Chicken bred for these establishments are often pumped up with drugs so that they can grow at an unnaturally fast pace. They are crammed in to faeces laden and over crowded barns, where they never ever see the light of day during their short lives.
These establishments that blight the urban landscape are completely unethical."

This is really really great, thanks! I've always wondered what the K in KFC stood for!
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